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The Future Of Sound

Q. How can I get better sound quality from my PC?

A. Replace with Aurender.

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Released on November 16 2018

Please upgrade using the Aurender Conductor iPad App.

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Aurender Media Manager


Purchase Software update to enable MQA“™”Core Decoding for your Aurender.
This update is available for any Aurender model without a DAC and will unfold the MQA file to deliver even higher than CD-quality. This first unfold recovers all the direct music-related information and sampling rate output will be 88.2kHz or 96kHz. The update is available for all Aurender models (except S10). It’s not needed for A10 as it already has MQA“™” full decoding technology.


The MQA logo is a trade mark of MQA Limited. © MQA Limited 2018

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Flagship Music Server & Player


Caching Music Server & Streamer
CD Ripper
Dual-HDD Storage
Library Manager


Caching Network Music Server & Player


Caching Music Server & Player


Caching Network Music Server & Player with Analog Outputs


Caching Network Streamer
for High Resolution Music

New Product


Caching Music Server & Streamer
CD Ripper
Dual-HDD Storage
Library Manager

The Aurender ACS10 was developed to eliminate the reliance upon computers and other IT products for the management of digital music file libraries. Its primary functions are what any audiophile needs to support and manage a file-based media audio playback system. These many functions are consolidated within the ACS10’s architecture with great attention given to the simplification of the tasks at hand. Additionally, ACS10 can be used as a server / streamer when mated with a USB dac, or as a companion to an existing Aurender Music Server where it will greatly expand its features, functions and flexibility. ACS10 is the ideal companion for Aurender users desiring CD ripping, expanded library storage, backup and metadata editing.


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“The first truly wireless premium stereo loudspeaker”

Computer Audiophile

The Aurender S5W is the first truly wireless premium stereo loudspeaker about which I know. It’s an innovative product from an innovative company. The 11 pound anodized aluminum enclsoure feels substantial and gives one a good feeling about spending a fair amount of money on the loudspeakers….

“Highly Recommended”

Part-Time Audiophile

If you have managed to wade through this review and actually reach this point, you’ll know that I’m pleased as punch at both the performance and the user friendliness of the Aurender A10 music server/DAC combination. It’s a great one-box option for those who don’t want to mess around with the do-it-yourself modular option.

“As Future-Proof as It Gets”

The Absolute Sound

No  audio  product,  espe-cially  a  digital  one,  is  “fu-ture-proof.”  But  one  can imagine  that  the  Aurender  A10  is  what  digital  playback  will look like in ten or fifteen years  for  a  consumer  who values superior build-quality and  good  sound  but  would  like to avoid as many boxes and  cables  as  possible.  

“The best performing audio streamer with built-in DAC”

Alpha Audio

De Aurender A10 is niet zomaar een goede audio streamer, dit is de best presterende audio streamer met ingebouwde DAC die op het moment van schrijven verkrijgbaar is. De advies verkoopprijs is met 5990 Euro misschien stevig, maar de Aurender A10 biedt alles dat een hifi liefhebber zich anno 2017 toewenst.